Views from Under the Dome

This summer I met a lovely family from Chile who came to take a tour of the State House.  They were a very delightful family; mother, father, two girls and a boy.  Come to find out the mother, who grew up in Vermont, had served as a page at the State House in the 1980s. Pages are 8th graders from around the state who are selected, for a better term, to run errands for the legislators and the sergeant at arms and to learn the ways of the legislative process.

The boy, about 8 years old, was very inquisitive, remarked how many stars there were carved in wood and gold leafed throughout the building.  Apparently, in Chile stars are not represented as much as they are here in America.  So I told him that our American flag has 50 stars and each one represents a state.  Vermont’s star is number 14 because we were the first state to be admitted after the original thirteen states back when the United States became a country.

I enjoy being a tour guide.  It is always interesting because you never know who will come through the doors.  A delightful family from Chile is just a perfect example.